P.O. Box: 250991 – Riyadh 11391
Riyadh , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



CCE is a multi- disciplined, multi – talented organization with over 10,000 staff (as of 2010) operating on many construction sites in the region, from offices across Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and with procurement affiliates around the world. To deliver high-quality service to clients, partners and end users; everyone at CCE works to a set of shared values. Values that are clear to every client and that underpin the quality of all the work we produce.

People First

At CCE, it’s all about the people; people, who get to live, work, worship, learn, receive healthcare, or enjoy their leisure time in facilities we create, people who work for our clients, who become trusted, integrated team members on the projects we develop together. Our most valued asset is our own people; a dedicated professional cadre, sharing a culture of personal development in an organization that helps everyone achieves his full potential.

Integrity Matters

Quality, honesty and hard work, are the founding values that our business started out with nearly two decades ago, and are still our basic foundations. Visit any CCE project, or any one of our Saudi Arabian or Middle East offices, and watch these values being implemented. Quality is built into every stage of every project we undertake. Honesty is inherent in every transparent step of our procurement services. Hard work? It is a way of life at CCE.

Client Commitment

Our business follows one key driver above all others – client satisfaction. Highly disciplined and clearly focused, we seek to gain a complete understanding of our clients’ business, strategic and long term goals – and then bring these to life. You’ll appreciate our commitment to success in every element of all the projects we deliver.