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Support Companies

Our Partners

At Contracting & Construction Enterprises (CCE) we know precisely what leads to project success. Two key factors are rapid workforce mobilization, and a dependable supply of ready-mixed concrete. We have established and continue to manage three dedicated support companies to ensure we get our workforce up and running on any project as quickly as possible,..and that we never suffer shortages of concrete.


Rapid deployment and mobilization of the workforce is vital to the successful start-up and smooth operation of any project. Newfab is the leading manufacturer of prefabricated buildings with the capacity to create over 2,000 square metres of space per day.

Newfab structures include furnishings and built-in utilities, so they are ready for site personnel to occupy as soon as they are deployed. As a close affiliate, we have first call on all Newfab production. This means we can equip any new site with staff accommodation at short notice and thus see more of our projects both start-up and complete on time.

Arabian Ready Mix (ARM)

Recent years have seen chronic shortages of ready-mixed concrete on projects around our region. We are not prepared to jeopardise the progress of any client project, so we set up an independent ready-mixed concrete plant called ARM (Arabian Ready Mix).

Our plant has all the resources it needs to produce all the ready-mixed concrete our sites may require, including pumps and transit mixers to deliver the concrete when and where needed.
Our foresight in making this provision protects clients against unforeseen delays and consequent problems.


Aramec is a company manufacturing all the range of HVAC duct work, plenum boxes, volume and fire dumpers, sound attenuators and cross joint accessories, further supported with Powder Coating Plant Facilities. Our procurement formalities with Aramec are simple and almost instant, contributing thus to valuable time  saving from order to delivery.