P.O. Box: 250991 – Riyadh 11391
Riyadh , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Look to the Future

We’re proud of the rapid progress Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf Region has made, and the key role we have played in helping bring this about. But if we have learned anything in nearly 20 years of operation, it is that the pace of change is constantly accelerating. That is why ongoing performance review and strategic planning are so critical to our business. They are the only way we can ensure that Contracting & Construction Enterprises (CCE) is ready to help all its clients meet the challenges of the future.
Specific provisions we are making include:

  • Expanding the range of our in-house resources, and further refining their capabilities.
  • Extending the scope of projects we undertake to include mechanical installations with built-in instrumentation.

In the residential segment we plan to continue providing comfortable, well-designed housing and modern leisure facilities to meet the needs of our growing population.

In the academic field we will be designing and delivering a built environment that is knowledge-based, and wired for IT throughout. And as healthcare and medical facilities demand ever-cleaner environments, we have the technology to deliver them.
Nobody can tell exactly what the future will bring. But if our track record over the past two decades is anything to go by, CCE is likely to stay in the forefront of sustainable, fit-for-purpose development of all kinds.