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Riyadh , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Health, Safety & Environment

Construction sites can be inherently dangerous places. But the culture of safety we have put in place at CCE means our sites and workplaces are among the safest in the industry.
The care we take extends beyond our own employees, to cover subcontractors, clients and everyone who visits any of our construction sites. Our dedication to construction industry safety takes many forms – from fall-protection programs, to on-site training and education. We give all our employees and subcontractors the tools, knowledge and resources to increase safety, reduce risk, and improve loss control on every project we execute.

Spearheading our commitment to workplace safety is the Safety Management Team based in our head office. Experts from this team monitor every active CCE project on a daily basis, backed by a regular schedule of site visits. We review all health and safety systems and procedures at regular intervals to be sure we always follow the latest best practice.

We are proud of our world-class safety standards, and our clients are happy with them too – as they consistently deliver zero man-hours lost to accidents, year after year.

Environmental Considerations
We pay just as close attention to environmental welfare as we do to the health and safety of our workforce. We take practical steps to mitigate any negative impact on the environment that our work might have.