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Design to Delivery

Better Design

From first concept to final handover

CCE has grown to become such a trusted development partner due to expertise in every phase of the contracting cycle. We work with clients from the drawing board, right through to ensuring smooth operation and maintenance of the assets we deliver.

Complex projects feature interdependent elements that can all impact one another. That is why we have developed a rigorous production process to manage them all.

Phase 1 – Design Constructability Study

At the outset of every project, CCE works closely with clients to complete a full constructability study. This includes critical path analysis designed to highlight aspects of the process that may require special attention and management.
This phase will:

  • Provide well-defined project focus and scope, noting any possible alternatives.
  • Pinpoint critical success factors and allow for early risk mitigation.
  • Act as a source of high-quality intelligence to allow for better decision-making.
  • Employ value engineering to ensure the project is delivered in the most efficient way.
  • Serve as a high-level road map and delivery plan for the entire project.

Effective Implementation

Phase 2 – Design and Engineer

High-level design and engineering capability is a core competence of CCE. Our expertise in Civil and Structural Engineering also extends to Mechanical, Electrical and Project Engineering.
This phase will deliver:

  • Reduced production costs for our clients.
  • Improved certainty around timescales and budgets.
  • Superior quality and functionality.
  • More sustainable, more environment-friendly solutions.
  • Increased lifetime value.

Phase 3 – Project Execution

Once detailed plans are in place, with key milestones agreed, our procurement specialists set to work. They will source, schedule and arrange for the timely and cost-effective supply of all project requisites, from the commencement of construction, through the whole duration of the project. Proactive project management then ensures that this phase will deliver:

  • Rapid on-site mobilization and project start-up.
  • Excellent health and safety record, with minimal time loss.
  • On-time, on-budget construction cycle.
  • Tolerance testing and quality control built in.
  • Detailed regular progress reports.

Safe Delivery

During every phase of design, planning, procurement, construction and maintenance we test, retest and test again. Commissioning the asset best essay writing service uk follows a rigorous procedure to ensure that every system is working correctly, both on an individual basis and in harmony with one another. Only when we are fully satisfied do we move to handover. Your in-house teams will already be familiar with the project, having been closely involved with its development from the outset.
This phase delivers:

  • Smooth transition from construction to operation.
  • Full training and support to maintenance and operational personnel.
  • No undetected snags to hinder immediate effective operation.
  • Optional asset performance from day one.