P.O. Box: 250991 – Riyadh 11391
Riyadh , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Construction Experience & Expertise

Civil Construction

We have played a leading role in civil construction in the region for nearly two decades and have obtained a class 1 certification in buildings in Saudi Arabia. Our engineering expertise covers the traditional disciplines of civil engineering, and also extends into project engineering. This strength in engineering allows us to accurately gauge the requirements and practicalities of every project that presents itself.

Infrastructure, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Projects

All civil engineering work concerning E & M utilities, transportation, and industrial facilities, refineries & process buildings are only a selection of the types of large projects that we have successfully worked on. We deliver these facilities as a fully collaborative contracting partner.

Commercial & Hotel Projects

Offices and hotels remain the main types of structures that we engineer, procure and construct on a frequent basis. Their size and complexity means that our specialized project management approach has to continuously adapt in order to satisfy the project constraints.

Banking, Government & Residential Projects

Over the last twenty years a range of prestigious embassies, financial centers and residential property have also been completed to the highest professional standard. We have the experience, know-how and resources for all projects undertaken.